PPC Case Study

45% Revenue Surge: Transforming Aira's Online Sales Through Precision PPC Strategies.

Learn how our targeted PPC approach propelled eyewear brand Aira to a 45% revenue increase in just four months, tapping into untapped markets and enhancing profitability.

Client Background:

Aira, a high-end eyewear brand, approached us with the objective of boosting their online sales and revenue. Despite offering premium eyewear products, their online sales were not reflective of their brand’s potential. They sought a solution to leverage the power of online advertising to increase revenue and expand their customer base.

Challenges Faced:

Aira’s main challenge was reaching their target audience effectively. Despite having a stunning product lineup, they struggled to connect with potential customers who were looking for premium eyewear options. Their existing PPC campaigns were yielding limited results, resulting in a low return on ad spend (ROAS).

Our Approach:

To revamp Aira’s PPC strategy, we undertook a thorough analysis of their products, target audience, and industry landscape. Our strategy aimed to maximize their ROAS while increasing revenue.

1.Audience Refinement: We refined Aira’s target audience by analyzing demographics, interests, and online behaviors. This allowed us to create highly targeted campaigns to reach potential customers who were more likely to convert.

2.Keyword Optimization:Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify valuable and relevant keywords. We designed ad groups around these keywords to ensure ad relevance and improve Quality Scores.

3.Compelling Ad Copy: Engaging and persuasive ad copy was crafted, highlighting Aira’s unique selling points and quality. This was crucial to differentiate them from competitors and entice clicks.

4.Landing Page Optimization:We created dedicated landing pages with a focus on conversion. Clear calls-to-action, appealing visuals, and seamless user experience were integrated to maximize on-site conversions.

5. Ad Extensions: We implemented various ad extensions, including site link, callout, and structured snippet extensions, to provide additional information and improve ad visibility.

Results Achieved:

Our revamped PPC strategy yielded impressive results for Aira:

1. Revenue Growth: Over a span of four months, Aira witnessed a remarkable 45% increase in revenue directly attributed to PPC campaigns. The strategy effectively tapped into a previously untapped customer segment.

2. ROAS Improvement: The return on ad spend saw a notable improvement, with an ROAS increase of 35% compared to their previous campaigns. This indicated efficient ad spend allocation and higher profitability.

3. Conversion Rate Boost: With highly relevant ad campaigns and optimized landing pages, Aira’s conversion rate experienced a 25% uplift, indicating that the user experience aligned seamlessly from ad click to purchase.

4. Expanded Customer Base: The targeted approach attracted a new customer base of individuals seeking premium eyewear, thus expanding Aira’s reach in the market.

5. Enhanced Brand Visibility: With improved Quality Scores and better ad positioning, Aira’s brand visibility within their industry significantly increased, helping them stand out amidst competition.


Through strategic PPC campaign restructuring and meticulous audience targeting, we successfully helped Aira achieve a 45% increase in revenue over four months. The case study showcases the potential of data-driven PPC strategies to not only drive revenue growth but also to tap into previously unreached customer segments.

As the online marketplace continues to evolve, effective PPC remains an invaluable tool for brands looking to thrive and maximize their online sales potential.

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